Chandler Patio Furniture – The Refreshing Styles Coming

Another season of Chandler Patio Furniture is down, and with it comes a new batch of patio furniture and decor trends, seen on the horizon. As vendors for Chandler Patio Furniture collections clamor to be original within the buzz of the market, unavoidably, a few patterns arise—and typically, those are what bring the newest releases in Chandler Patio Furniture market for the coming months. This article shares some of these as they are blowing the market at present and must-try this spring.

Organic Finishes

The days when we used to have the sleek chrome and glass seen in minimalist interiors are gone long ago. This spring, Chandler patio furniture collections experimented with some new takes on organic, natural materials. Vellum dyed in the saturated colors and lacquered for a more durable finish, is one of the examples. In some collections, the craftsmen bent raffia into the loops for a spiky look on a side table. Many teams replicated the goatskin on the antique for a console and hand-applied, lacquered linen, while an interesting pattern in banana bark in resin, is another highlight. Of course, the most popular natural material thrived too, albeit in novel colors and textures, like black-veined marble, pops of unexpected color with the side tables in a celadon version of a material.

Geometric Pedestals

Art Deco is being seen in everything from textiles to the dining tables—but this year, some manufacturers have modernized this aesthetic by blowing it up in the scale and rendering table bases in the geometric forms. Pedestals having oversize spindles have added an element of curiosity to a concrete outdoor table, a cube balanced elegantly atop a minor sphere in a hardwood dining table, and a round dining table recalled a giant chess piece, are some of the best options to try.

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