Outdoor Furniture in Scottsdale – Winter Caring & Maintenance Tips

Outdoor Furniture in Scottsdale.jpeg

Outdoor furniture in Scottsdale is known for its vibrancy, vivid patterns and sophisticated designs, contemporary styles. Every year, a huge and unique variety of outdoor furniture in Scottsdale is seen, which is admitted all across the state. However, if you are making this great investment, you would definitely want to see your outdoor furniture in Scottsdale maintain its shine, look and feel for a number of years to come. Since meeting this purpose becomes more difficult in winters, this article shares some great care and maintenance tip to protect your outdoor investments during the season.

  • The Season Clean Up

An accumulation of stains and dirt from the BBQs over the summer may spoil the beauty of your patio’s wood. Hence, it is importance to restore its appearance using a bleach-free cleaner after cleaning the surface with a leaf blower or a broom. At the same time, check for the loose nails, rot or propped up nails in the wood. Make sure gaps in the deck are clean so that ice, snow or rain water can melt through. You can also add a protective coating. However, if your outdoor deck seems to be greyed due to sun, strip the faded paint and the apply a water-proof stain.

  • The “Finishing” Touch

Once you clean and stripped the deck surface, you should apply a water-repellent finish. The protective coating can protect the wood from harsh elements of winters. High quality deck finish from popular brands can last for many years and are available in both transparent and colored variety that you can choose from as per your needs.

  • Move or Cover Planters & Furniture

If you don’t encounter snowfall on a frequent basis, simply covering the outdoor furniture in winter can help. However, in areas having colder climates and frequent, heavy snowfall, it is better to move all planters and furniture below the deck or garage or even in basement. Don’t use shovels to remove snow on your wooden deck as shoveling damages the wood. Instead, use a broom for the same.

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