Patio Chairs Material Selection

Patio chairs.jpeg

When it comes to patio chairs, we often look for something both comfortable and durable, yet still stylish. In this effort, avoid ending up with furniture that is hard to clan or becomes a rusted mess at the end of summer.

Rather, select patio chairs made from the finest materials, which can bear all the external elements all through the air. In this article, we will highlight some of the finest and most popular materials for patio chairs that are mostly preferred nowadays.

  • Synthetic Wicker

Around 90 percent of the patio furniture manufacturers prefer synthetic wicker for making outdoor wicker patio furniture, especially the patio chairs. This wicker is also called resin wicker that has been made to look like natural wicker; however, the synthetic wicker is much more durable. Natural wicker comes from the plant materials and this is the technique used by cultures all over the world. As gorgeous as it is, unluckily, the natural wicker is prone to sleet, rain, moisture and snow, making it not very suitable choice for patio chairs.

  • Concrete

If you are worried of patio chairs to wrap, splinter, rot, sag or fall apart in the bad weather and you cannot store them inside, concrete is probably the best material choice. This material is able to bear even the harshest elements. Even storm season is no match for this material. Concrete is one of the strongest, oldest and durable materials ever made by humans.

  • Sunbrella

The best known and used fabric for the upholstered patio chairs and sofas is sunbrella. These fabrics are available in dozens of patterns and colors and are really fare resistant and durable. Conventional dyeing processes just leave color on the fiber surface, so they fade easily. Sunbrella fibers are highly saturated to their core with dense UV-stable pigments, making themselves highly resistant to degrading and fading impacts of sunlight.

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