Choosing The Right Outdoor Bar Stools

Outdoor Bar Stools (2).jpeg

Finding the most ideal outdoor bar stools for each project is one of the hardest challenges people face. There are a lot of factors to consider including material, height, should it have back or should it be upholstered, should it be similar to other outdoor patio furniture or not?

Moreover, you cannot neglect the cost. Apart from materials and outdoor bar stools practicality, it’s important to think where stools will be used and how many you should have to accommodate as per your usage and space. The number of outdoor bar stools must be in proportional to the overall space. Here are some tips to consider for helping your decision making.


It is quite an easy and popular choice for counters in outdoors and in kitchens, since it’s a nice material that is sturdy and easier to clean. In addition, metal made stools are usually quite affordable. Metal balances out wood and enables more modern embellishments to include in a design. Some of designs include backless metal stools, and they tuck just nicely under overhang. If you have stools that are bigger or having arms and upholstered and you are unable to make them fit in a space, you can always make them tailored.


I personally have wooden outdoor bar stools for my cocktail area and these are really very comfortable backless stools to be used for kitchen also. Nowadays, vintage lab stools having backs are getting popular for big spaces. The curve given in the seat makes them so comfy. It keeps your seating straight. Wooden barstools are equally popular in traditional and modern bars and kitchens, since you have a lot of variety at hand in terms of design, sizes and cuts.


Contemporary outdoor stools that are a fusion of metal and wood are highly admired these days. The aesthetics of the outdoors and bars is greatly complemented by the statement these stools deliver.

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