Patio Chairs

Screened Backyard Deck

Nothing can beat a relaxing outdoors, where you can take rest, enjoy fresh air, eat and spend time with family and friends. Not long ago it was considered standard to have few of a folding patio chairs on the kick back or the lawn, however, today’s outdoor patio furniture has taken the patio chairs design and style to a whole new level. The thing to do now is to create an outdoor setting filled with great patio chairs, furniture and accessories that can rival the most expertly styled interior indoors. In this article, we are going to discuss some great patio chairs trends in terms of materials, colors and other important features.

The vivid colors

Neutrals are considered the best option for outdoor patio chairs and this is because their ability to get blended well with the outside appealing look and transform any décor style. Neutrals for patio chairs are going to stay this year, especially the shades of gray with a punch of bold colors to lift the things up. We can think of putting a white and yellow chevron pillow onto the wicker patio chair or an aquamarine tablecloth on the black iron pedestal table. Bright colors like teals, orange, yellow, reds and hot pink have especially been popular since long. Adding little bit of the vivid color or interesting patterns here and there on the chairs, pillows and walls, you can create a great custom look with a little cost.

Wicker and rattan

The dark black and gray colored wicker and rattan have been coming up in design magazines and on the design stores for patio chairs. The patio chairs, sofas, tables and outdoor stools can all be seen in these string materials nowadays. Not just these materials are long lasting, but are also to maintain and clean, comfortable and versatile.

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