Fire Pit Tables


Want to enjoy around your patio with a glass of wine? The fire pit tables enable you to surround your patio lounge furniture with stylish and comfy fire pit tables. The fire pit tables are just little higher than the conventional coffee tables, making it perfect for your drinks to be kept on the table edge so that you can relax. The fire pit tables provide the following features.

  • Eco-fuel- The Au Naturel of the fire tables

If you want to add some natural ambiance and be eco-friendly, the fire pit tables are ideal. These tables are available in a range of fuel alternatives but they are recognized for their most famous fuel kind, Bio-Ethanol. Bioethanol is a renewable energy resource that is made by fermenting the starch and sugar elements of the plant by-products such as sugarcane and crops such as grain, and yeast. In simpler words, bioethanol fuel is fully made up of biological products. The combustion of bioethanol leads to a clean emission i.e. Carbon dioxide, steam and heat. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants, which completes the eco cycle.

  • Sitting up a slightly higher

If you have a raised deck having a railing that is hindering the beautiful view of nature and landscape, you can think of a bar height or counter height fire pit tables. These tables are made to sit higher at either 34 inches or 42 inches high. The increased height enables you to experience the over railings and enables you to feel sitting at a bar that is something great for entertainment point of view. This way you can set the temperament of your party in a easier and comfortable way.

  • Going chic

Lastly, the fire pit tables are considered an integral part of today’s luxurious and contemporary outdoor settings.

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