Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Garden furniture

Outdoor furniture is your great investment involving hundreds and thousands of dollars. Therefore, in order to maintain it and keep it clean, it is necessary to give your outdoor furniture an occasional cleaning and maintenance time. In this article, we have taken into consideration some most major outdoor furniture items and provided maintenance tips that are easy, less time consuming and result oriented.

Cushion maintenance and cleanliness

Today’s outdoor furniture fabrics are quite durable, however grime and dirt can make even the most sturdy weaves dull and free of life. You can start by cleaning of the dirt on the surface and then apply soft bristle brush or sponge soaked in solution containing ¼ cup detergent mixed in 1 gallon of mild water. Apply solution all over the surface and then wash thoroughly to eliminate all soap. Let fabric get dried in dry air and your cushions will remain as bright as cherry giving a brand new look.

Wicker maintenance and cleanliness

If your outdoor furniture is in fine condition, all they would usually need is a quick vacuum cleaning and wiping by a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent solution, as mentioned above. Remove stubborn grime and dirt with bristle brush first, and then rinse with cloth soaked with plain water. In case if your wicker is getting dried and breaking, wait for a breeze day to mist it with a garden hose and let it to dry in some shady place. Don’t do this more than twice annually so as to keep the glue intact in its place for strong joints.

Teak maintenance and cleanliness

Occasional oiling of teak outdoor furniture keeps it buttery gold and saves it from cracking; however amplifying the moisture content can also make it prone to mildew. Thus, follow this tip in consultation wit the manufacturer.

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