Contemporary Patio Furniture

Luxury home living room with contemporary decor.

In our previous posts, we have talked a lot about the latest trends of contemporary furniture and also the methods for maintaining your patio furniture accessories. You must be wondering where to get such elegant, stylish and contemporary patio furniture. Here in this article, we will be highlighting few of the famous brands that can easily serve your patio furniture needs.

Brown Jordan

This brand was formed in 1945 and has always been ranked among the top most contemporary patio furniture brands. It is based in California and make exclusive weather proof patio furniture. The brand has also introduced vinyl lace and tubular aluminum designs, termed as Leisure. Brown Jordan has over 30 collections and best contemporary patio furniture. If you are looking for completely unique furniture, this brand is ideal for you.

Forever Patio

This brand has special collections for high end modern patio furnishing including bar tables and daybeds. The designs of the furniture are quite tasteful with methodical and details of styling that are tiny yet neat. The furnishings are highly durable against all weathers and midrange furniture requirements are specially met.

Harmonia Living

This is a rusted patio furniture brand that specializes in wicker contemporary patio furniture. Hand woven wicket has the potential to remain strong with time. Harmonia living uses exclusive High Density Polyethylene Wicker, an eco-friendly element that is resistant to scratch and infuses with UV inhibitors to avoid sun fading. In addition, the prices are affordable. To get the best wicket variety for your modern patio furniture requirements, Harmonia living is ideal.


This is another great name like Forever Patio and Brow Jordan. With strong international presence, this is especially known for its high quality modern teak furniture. The techniques are refined and all weather resistant furnishing are manufactured.

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