Outdoor Furniture Trends: 2016


Relaxing in a garden

The outdoor area has long been utilized as a place to dine, wine and socialize. Whether you are resting around a fire pit on a cold winter’s night or chilling with friend on a relaxing weekend in the sun, the trend for outdoor entertainment and living is at peak. In this article, we will discuss some rising outdoor furniture 2016 trends and see what is in demand.

The Look

The natural appeal of Wicker and Rattan is getting quite popular. Latest advancements in technology have made these furniture material more durable and long lasting than ever before. It means they can withstand the factors for a number of years to come. Along with the durability with elegant and sleek designs, you have the key to create a purely contemporary outdoor space for your guests and family. From sofas to loungers, and dining tables o chairs, let rattan lawn furniture set that relaxed and comfy Mediterranean look and feel to your outdoor area. Based on the occasion, only add certain colorful here and there to enhance the look or use neutral colors for toning it down. Whatever be the occasion, the contemporary wicker outdoor furniture is quite versatile.

The Flow

The seamless and smooth transition from indoor to outdoor is not something new, however, it is definitely gaining immense traction and is becoming a buzz for many homeowners nowadays. No matter where your home is, inner city or come outer suburb, this trend is certainly something to go for in 2016.

Blended material designs

When looking for indoor or outdoor transition, then modern outdoor furniture manufactured from a blend of materials would help you a lot. 2016 would witness the focus on blended material outdoor furniture that promotes a vibrant fusion between outdoor and indoor entertaining space.

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