Lounge By The Pool with These Outdoor Design Ideas

October 5, 2015

Whether the weather outside is hot or cold, lounging by the pool always makes for a relaxing and soothing way to spend some time relieving stress and enjoying the outdoors. Traditionally, people picture outdoor lounging as sitting on the porch or lying in a hammock or swinging from a swing. Those with access to either a swimming pool or some other body of water have the added luxury of enjoying the atmosphere of something else natural nearby. Something about lounging near water makes you better enjoy sipping on a cold beverage or getting through a good book. Read below for ideas on poolside lounging for all sorts of settings.

Whether you have a swimming pool or live near a natural body of water, whatever furniture you acquire should match the surroundings. For example, lounge chairs with a wooden frame fit in well on a pool deck with a brown or tan color scheme. These chairs also work well as a more natural look near a lake or pond. Lounge chairs made of plastic tend to come in white, green, brown, or black, colors closer to nature. These chairs will match more areas than brighter, less natural colors. If you want brighter or vibrant colors, consider getting pillows or cushions in those colors, which allows the chair frames to remain more natural looking while the chair toppers add life with its bright colors.

Depending on the space, size does not mean everything. While large pieces of outdoor furniture can help to define the mood of the outside space, smaller products can move around easier, allowing for variety via new seating arrangements. Larger chairs and tables should stay closer to the home or building while smaller chairs and tables can move around pools or bodies of water. Some larger pool chairs even have wheels on the back to allow for easier moving. Certain types of outdoor furniture should adhere to relative sizes; for example, an outdoor umbrella should usually be bigger than the chairs that they shade.

An outdoor lounge area should accommodate whoever intends to use that space, from one person to a party of people. Take a look at your household, and determine how often people come over to hang out outside. A handful of people would only need chairs to seat less than four people. However, people who regularly have friends and family over will want to invest in more pieces of outdoor furniture. Consider going with a furniture set in that case in order to get pieces that all match each other, and will usually cost less when purchased as a set instead of individual pieces that may not match each other. As mentioned above, do take care to obtain furniture that matches its surrounding environment.

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