The Early North American Style of Outdoor Furniture

Early North American CabinetThe early North American style of outdoor furniture has many principles that can be applied today. In many ways we want to use much of the same furniture as well. We have different reasons for wanting the same things but many of the principles are the same.

The early North American style was to make things out of necessity. They needed chairs, tables, etc.  It wasn’t for excess or style it was made to provide for the modern living of the day. This led to many of their pieces being crafted from wood spindles and steamed wood for chair backs. Local hardwoods were used back then with an emphasis on Cherry and Walnut trees. The idea was to plant trees that you could use all the parts of when things were sparse. This was something badly needed when the home country of Britain was so far away.

Interestingly enough while the styles varied greatly the Native Americans had used a similar philosophy. They would use the various parts of each tree in order to craft their outdoor furniture, bows and shelter. Using every piece was something they believed in from animals to plants. It is something that people still attempt to emulate today.

This all fits well with our modern ideas of Eco design. However we have recycling technologies that they would never have had. They would have reused things that were still good now which still applies to outdoor furniture today. You should avoid throwing things away when they are still good.

Amusingly enough we use many of the same style choices as they did then. Hardwood looks as good today as it did then so it is still a great choice for anyone who wants a classic piece. However for the most part we like pieces that aren’t quite as basic and uncomfortable as the early ones. The advantages of modern technology are not so bad when you think about it.

The early styles were also influenced by European trends of the day. After all, the first immigrants were from various parts of Europe including England and France. It only makes sense that they would adopt many of the same styles that they had originally come over with for their new furniture pieces.

If you can actually get your hands on an intact piece of early North American furniture then it can also become an incredible set piece. However most of these have either degraded into nothing or are in museums. Most of the ones that people claim are in that category are actually more modern or even worse, forgeries. If you really want a piece like this then you need someone who knows a lot about the history of furniture in order to look it over and make sure that you are not being swindled. It is quite easy to lose a ton of money on something like this.

Whatever route you decide to choose keep the lessons that we have discussed here close to your heart.



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