Exploring Ecodesign

Ecodesign Example Ecodesign is something very popular with people today now that we are moving towards a greener life. It’s a blanket term for a huge amount of design choices in outdoor furniture.

Ecodesign is a way of designing products that allows them to have the least possible impact on the planet. It deals with the entire lifecycle of any product from manufacturing to eventual disposal when it wears out. If at all possible everyone wants products like this to last as long as they can. It has taken off in many different sectors of the industry as well.

As with any other green movement it has a special appeal for anyone who wants their neighbors to know they are making a difference. People like to be those who have outdoor furniture that is saving the earth and they like to be friends with them as well. This is quite important for anyone who is into the movement as well.

Wood furniture has far and above been the biggest beneficiary of movements like this. Due to the fact that it is easy to refurbish and recycle the pieces they are really popular in the whole community. There are now some designers who run their whole business on handling things like that as well. It also happens to be a part of a subset of materials called Eco Materials. There are many different cuts of wood that can use less shipping and CO2 after they are recycled. Although the fact remains that refurbished pieces are still the best ones that you can possibly have.

When designing your outdoor setting these pieces fit perfectly with natural outdoor furniture. You may pair them with plants and other natural pieces as well. It’s a great fit but can often clash with postmodern styles. Metal and plastic are often at odds with this style and will not create a great look unless clashes are what you are going for. We would advise you to keep things classic and natural if you go with a set like this.

When shopping for them the price point may be quite a bit larger than other pieces. This is because that paying for the green movement comes at a premium. From organic food to natural outdoor furniture everything is just a bit more expensive if it has the tag lines on it. So when shopping around you may not be able to get an incredible deal.

Of course if money is at a premium you can do your own in-house ecodesign. Re-use old pieces that have been damaged and restore them. Get furniture from those who are upgrading, friends are fairly useful. All of these are great ways to recuse things in your own household and in the end that’s the best way to save the planet. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to create your own slice of nature. People at any price point can use this style.  Share any of your own tips on earth friendly design with us if you have time.


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