Tips for Buying Outdoor Furniture

Furniture Project from Thrift StoreBuying outdoor furniture can be very confusing. We’ve done several articles on this topic but it’s so big that there is much more to say. Today we’re going to focus on where you can find specific pieces that you want to use outdoors. We may even discuss where you would look for outdoor pieces as well.

New pieces can really give you some style and flair but can also come at a huge cost. When buying these try to get discount coupons and other offers. Many companies put these up on various sites or have them during holidays. Always try to buy these around the holidays if you are buying them brand new from a brand name. That is the best time and you will get the biggest discounts.

Clearance sales at big box stores are your best option for this. When pieces don’t sell they have to sell them and clear them out because they do not have unlimited inventory. Sears and other retailers usually throw these to clear out the inventory.

Buying used outdoor furniture is always an option. Second hand stores usually carry these less than other pieces though so they are not the best options. This is not the place you would look first but have a glance during the summer months. Some of them might have additional pieces out during those months because the demand is much higher than other times.

Auctions can be another great place to get excellent outdoor furniture. Especially estate auctions where someone might have a lot of excellent pieces as well. You will have to be ready to bid of course and be sure not to overbid. You will also need a way to transport everything which may add on to your cost if you don’t have a clear and easy way to do that.

When buying these second hand or firsthand make sure that you check each one for quality. Even reputable retailers try to put out sub-par product from China. Wal-Mart is a great example of this and many other big names are also responsible. Be sure to test them with some weight if at all possible and look at the construction of the nails, etc. Don’t get bamboozled by a big name or a slick salesperson. If you are buying the pieces as outside restaurant furniture this is even more important.

Salespeople are also something you want to be careful about. While not every place does it many of them tell their associates to really push the big sale. This can mean that you will be getting a high pressure approach from them. While some of us can handle that there are many of us who cannot. If you are the type of person who cannot then bring someone else along when shopping for outdoor furniture. Make sure that they aren’t the same type of personality as you. ‘

If you follow these rules you are sure to snag some great deals which just feels great by itself. We wish you luck in your own furniture hunting endeavors during the current holidays.


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