Storm Systems and Outdoor Furniture

El Nino DiagramEl Nino and other storm systems have always been a source of frustration for those who love outdoor furniture. Today we want to talk about these annoying to devastating problems for your own pieces. There are many ways to keep yourself safe from them so we will discuss a few with you.

El Nino and other jet stream patterns are a natural occurrence that causes hot and cold air to oscillate in unusual ways. This can cause severe weather in some areas and even flooding in others. It’s often a big concern of farmers. You should only be concerned if you hear from reputable sources that your area is at risk.

The weather report provides unreliable protection against these. While you might find out that one of them is heading into your area you will rarely be able to find out the exact date. In that case you want to take some steps to protect your outdoor furniture right away. It could hit at any time but you can rest assured that the weather in your area is going to get quite strange for at least a bit of time.

The best way to protect them is to have some form of shelter from a shed to coverings. However keep in mind that in really extreme ones there may be flooding. This can absolutely ruin your whole setup if you have it flooded and it soaks in. Many of these storm systems take in sea water or other negative materials that can really damage the whole thing.

In the worst case scenario your whole house could flood. In that case you may have to just leave and take whatever outdoor furniture you can with you. Fortunately U-Haul and other hauling places are relatively inexpensive. You may have to get some additional manpower to carry it though. It is better than having to re-buy everything in the long run though. Not something that you want to have to do.

For those who are blaming themselves for weather like this you shouldn’t. Storm fronts like these have popped up unexpectedly throughout time. They have been around as long as life has been on the planet. As an individual human being you cannot do much to stop or start these. Don’t take that guilt onto yourself or your furniture.

So those are some basic tips but how about a checklist to make sure your outdoor furniture stays safe? Well here is one for you:

  • Sand, paint, wax and seal any pieces that might be in harm’s way
  • Have a shelter indoors or outdoors for the pieces
  • If possible be sure that your shelters are at least somewhat flood proof
  • Make sure that you follow the news for weather patterns coming in
  • Move any pieces that you are sure won’t be able to hold up

This of course doesn’t apply to tornadoes or other natural disasters. There is little you can do about those as well and we will go over them in a future article on outdoor patio furniture.



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