Creating an Outdoor Bedroom

Outdoor Bedroom Example Not everyone gets to sleep outdoors regularly. But some people love doing so more than others. How much more convenient would it be to create an outdoor bedroom of your own? There are many ways to do this and many people have done it in the past. From enclosures to screens to sheets you have a ton of different ways to create a unique area outside. Today we’re going to give you some ideas on doing just that and help you create a unique outdoor furniture setting that can’t be matched.

Getting bedding isn’t actually the first thing to think about. You need to figure out what type of room you want to create. You could keep it simple and create a garden area with a simple sleeping hammock or cot. Or you could make it more complicated with a screened and sheltered setup. For those with quite a bit of money you might want to go with a room that is fully enclosed with glass. This lets you get the beauty of nature all around you without actually needing to have bugs on you.

Choosing your outdoor furniture for such a setting is the easy part actually. It all depends on how much shelter you have chosen to have for your pieces as well. If you have little shelter you probably want to go with stonework like you have seen in gardens. This is because you need it to naturally stand up to some harsh elements. Most furniture can’t stand being out in the middle of both the elements and bugs. You will want to look for some pieces that are especially resilient. How would you go about creating a bedroom in this environment? Go for extremely resilient products like the “Fatboy” chair or hammocks. Plant naturally comfortable grass that people could nap on. They make both weather resistant frames and cushioning so look at those as well.

If you have a slight covering such as an overhang or other shelter you can get things a bit less resilient. You will still need to make sure that they are protected from bugs and other things that can get into your shelter. A gazebo is another example of this slight covering that can protect them. This allows you to put some less resilient frames and cushions down for your guests. You will need to maintain everything regularly to make sure it stays looking good. This can also be a huge selling point for outside restaurant furniture.

The final category is full shelter, such as glass or a very tough screen. You can put most any normal type of bedding out including chaise lounge chairs and other fragile items. Go wild with this setting as you can do whatever you want. Make sure to provide adequate cushions and blankets. Aromatherapy candles can also be a great touch to help guests sleep.

So those are the categories you have to work with. Let your mind run wild and find your own perfect fit when creating an outdoor room. You may even add a fire pit or fireplace to the setting. It’s up to you.

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