Choosing Outdoor Furniture in Fluctuating Climates

Outdoor Furniture on the GrassSome of us live in areas where the climate varies drastically. Whether it be snap cold or a flash storm these events can really wreck your outdoor living. Today we want to give some tips on choosing and caring for pieces in turbulent environments. There are many ways to do this that we will go over shortly.

From moderate to severe the earth has a wide variety of gradually and rapidly shifting climates. Proximity to the equator, mountains and many other factors can cause the weather shifts that can damage your outdoor furniture. While you cannot control the weather there are many things you can do to insure that your property stays safe.

Moderate changes are the easiest to deal with. In many cases you might not have to do much at all in order to protect your furniture. A light covering might be the most you have to do. But even in cases like this maintenance is very important. While the slight shifts might not matter much in the short term in the long term they can really add up. Make sure to maintain them to keep them looking great for years to come.

Severe changes can cause a huge problem. These are things like El Nino moving through or being located in a part of the world that has major changes. Desert climates are an especially good example of severe changes. Due to the lack of moisture they go from being very hot for your outdoor patio furniture to very cold in short order. Unfortunately the answers to choosing furniture in places like this are limited. You need to go with furniture that is very durable and does not easily change temperature. Remember that even if it’s durable it can become intolerably hot or cold given enough time. Make sure that it is resilient and stays around the same temperature regardless of the ambient temperature.

Protecting your sets in these climates can be troublesome as well. You may have a shed to guard from rain or other storage, but unless it is climate controlled it won’t do much good. Why? Because many furniture pieces do not actually have to be in severe weather in order to warp or bend from extreme temperatures. Just being in them for long enough can cause damage.

Maintenance is also vital because fluctuations in temperature can cause different pests and animals to come out. One that is dormant in the cold will be very active hunting for food while it is warm. Your outdoor furniture can become an unfortunate victim in their quest for this food. Your best solution when this happens is to move it inside if possible and work on it regularly.

Unfortunately with the best plans there will always be that freak snowstorm or other piece of crazy weather. All you can do there is brush the snow/sand/etc. off of it and try to fix it up. We hope that does not happen to you but we’re sure you can fix it in time.

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