Outdoor Lessons from Australia

Australian Table With influences from Britain and modern ones from all over the world Australia has a very unique style of outdoor furniture. The rugged terrain and unique climate of the area also creates a different sort of look for the country as well. Today we’re going to take a look at how and why they decorate their living areas in these interesting ways. It’s always good to take a note from another culture that may have little to do with your own.

The first thing to take notice of is that much of Australian decorating style comes from the classical era in Britain. At least on the higher end. We’ll discuss the lower end in just a few moments. When you check out the higher end of furniture design you see many things from an older era. This includes things like placemats with engrams and exquisite crafting of wood. Large ornate mirrors and much more are very popular when creating an outdoor dining situation outside.

Shelter is very important in the Australian style whether you are going for the higher or lower end. Those who have the money spring for modern glass porches. Those trying to save money use mesh blends to give a full covering to protect those enjoying their outdoor furniture. Either way both of these are very important due to the climate and insects. The climate also gets extremely hot due to subtropical high pressure systems.

This same temperature is a big influence on outdoor furniture design there. They build things that do not heat up too quickly and are comfortable to sit on in most any weather. Australians build things to last as well. They have to be able to stand up to the sweltering heat at times and not break down from simply getting too hot. Plastics obviously are not a popular choice.

So what can we all learn from this style? We need to be prepared for extreme weather in any outdoor situation. While you may live in an area that rarely has this things can always shift in the future. You have to be aware of this. Many of us make the mistake of taking in pieces that absorb heat or cold too quickly. This is something we all want to avoid regardless of where we live for sheer comfort reasons.

One other part of the style that is popular world round is the outdoor room. Theirs has to have additional shelter and cooling but it proves that you can do it anywhere with enough work. From freezing to sweltering you need to be prepared. The other thing to learn is to draw from your roots when going for a classy style. Which in the case of Americans could be just about anything, depending on who your ancestors were. You should do some looking into that when decorating. It might give you some excellent ideas for how to set everything up later. At any rate the Australian style is a rich font of inspiration.


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