Creating an Outdoor Setting that is one with Nature

Plant Based Outdoor Furniture We’ve talked in the past about protecting your outdoor furniture from plants. However if you have a garden setting or something else that works well with them you may want to take a completely different route. Many of your outdoor rooms are better served by working with nature rather than against it. In the end you can’t protect your furniture forever, so extend some of its life through a few handy methods.

The first area where you want to start is using your plants as decorations. This can mean anything from having some nice flowers to vines flowing up some of your outdoor gates and other pieces. You need to trim them regularly in order to make sure they do not get overgrown. If you do so then they can look very orderly and fit in perfectly with your setting.

Patches of flowers and other garden items are great outdoor furniture decorations in their own right. Many people grow a small garden for this purpose. It’s also especially fun if you grow some edible crops here and there. They can become part of the refreshments when you are having a party as well.

Trees can both provide shade for your setting and look great. Just be aware that they need to be pruned and checked for bugs regularly. This can create more work for those who want this look for outside restaurant furniture.

Insects can actually be fairly amusing and useful as long as you get the right ones. Ladybugs, fireflies and many other living things can really give the setup a feeling of life. At the same time you have to watch out for the dangerous ones such as Black Widows, some snakes and many other types of insects. Termites and ants can be an annoying, if not disastrous, part of a setup. If you want to create a patio like this you’ll have to be very careful and selective in what gets to your yard. The last thing you want is for a friend or family member to be bitten by something poisonous.

Unfortunately if you are going with this particular style it can be a lot of work. You will have to do the normal gardening and weed pulling that you always would do. Checking for creeping plants in stonework is also important. If you do not have the time for either or can’t hire someone then don’t go with this style of decorating.

If you decide to go with it and then don’t bother to keep things up then an ugly patio might be the least of your problems. Creeping plants can tear up the structure of stonework all over the patio and cause mold to grow in other pieces. Animals and insects have a habit of creeping into overgrown sections of a back or front yard. When you finally deal with it you may find that your outdoor patio setup is beyond repair. Try to avoid a situation like this at all costs.

Hopefully you have some ideas about building your own natural patio. Good luck with your own project.


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