Protecting your Outdoor Furniture from Plant Growth

Furniture Plant Growth ExamplePlant growth is a huge problem for certain types of outdoor furniture. Others can have their finish damaged by it as well. There are certain pieces that work well with it such as certain types of stone benches. However most of the time you will not want these to grow on your outdoor settings for a variety of reasons. We want to mention some ways to protect your vulnerable pieces today.

The good news is that most of your furniture is already going to be quite resistant to this. If you move pieces regularly they are unlikely to grow anything like this. Storing them and putting them back out is quite sufficient in most cases. This should be sufficient to protect outside lounge furniture.

Your patio is actually more in danger of this than most of your outdoor furniture. A great many plants can sneak into cracks in nearly any sort of material. The best way to handle these is to first pull them out by the root then to spray the area with herbicide. This may sound extreme but weeds and many other plants also have a way of springing up again.

As many of you have probably already guessed burning the plants out is not such a good idea. The problem is that outside you have so many other things that could catch fire as well. It could pose a danger to you and the people in your neighborhood as well. Stick with easier things such as herbicides.

There are also many different flavors, so to speak, of herbicides. Depending on whether you have persistent weeds or just simple flower seeds you may want to switch the strength. Persistent weeds getting into your stonework furniture can be a serious problem and requires a heavy dose. Minor sprouts may need a simple spray.

Stonework furniture may also be at risks. Birds and other animals carry seeds from various plants on their outer coverings. If any of these happen by part of your furniture and drop a seed in there it can actually sprout and grow over time. This can be a serious problem for you when these grow. Plants can literally grow and push the cracks out over time. Weathering combined with this can lead to some significant damage over time.

Depending on the size and strength of the growth you may even need to dig pieces of it out. A rake or smaller device can be used to do this.

Water obviously does little to do remove growth like this. You would need an exceedingly high power pressure washer to get any of it out. Such a device would be quite likely to destroy your stonework as well. It is best to avoid such a thing and use normal hard work and elbow grease to get it done.

You can also go with a natural look and briefly prune the plants so they look good but don’t damage your setting. This is especially useful for a garden setting and we will probably write a piece on it.

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