Waterproofing your Outdoor Furniture and Decorations

Thompson's Water SealWaterproofing your outdoor furniture can be a great way to extend the life of the objects. There are many ways to do this from simple sealing to expensive products that protect each piece from water. Depending on your budget and how you want to decorate everything you may have an easy solution or an extended one that requires quite a bit of work.

You may have some fabric pieces that look good outside but need some extra work. There are several ways to do this from Scotch guard to Thompson’s Water Seal Fabric Treatment. These are easy to use and can seal the arrangement up in moments. It doesn’t work as well on silk and suede but honestly, you shouldn’t be using those outdoors anyway. Fabric like that breaks down very easily.

Wooden outdoor furniture is another piece that you want to seal carefully. There are dozens of different treatments to put on it. Try to look through reviews and find one that works for you. If properly sealed it can stay watertight for a very long time. However you should remember that you may have to add a fresh seal if an old one breaks down.

The real problem of protecting wooden pieces is figuring out which type to use. You can have shellac, lacquer and varnish solutions. All of these come at various price points. To complicate things even further you have a ton of different manufacturers for each. This can make a somewhat confusing situation absolutely mind boggling when faced with literally hundreds of choices in a store.

Metal furniture varies in treatment when sealing it for water. Some varieties do not rust easily and can be left to sit out without much fear of water damage. Others rust quickly and you will need to both paint and seal them over time. The good news about that is some paints come with built-in sealant to act as one on their own. Make sure your manufacturer tells you what you need for that particular type of material.

Painting a piece in and of itself provides a layer of protection. This can be a great choice if you don’t have the money to spend on expensive sealing procedures or don’t have the time to apply them.

Stone and clay pieces can also be sealed with various treatments. Thompson’s also makes sprays for treating these as well. This can help you keep pieces that you thought were fragile in very good shape. Just watch out for pets or kids who may break it even after sealing.

Of course you can also seal it other ways as well. Simple coverings can also work very well to improve the overall condition. However if you want a set and forget solution then you need to go with some form of spray or painting solution. This is the easiest way to keep it looking good over a long time as you’ll only have to repair it here and there when your outdoor furniture chips. These tips are also useful for outside restaurant furniture.


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