Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Concrete Outdoor FurnitureWe talk a lot about outdoor furniture that is quite unusual so you can get some ideas. At this moment we want to focus on one that has been put back in the public eye. Concrete outdoor furniture has long existed in the ideas of many people. However it has often not met with fantastic success.

Concrete outdoor furniture is exactly as it sounds. It is made out of concrete to be exceedingly resilient. The newest designs are also modular so they fit into each other. This makes each piece easy to store and to fit in various areas where you would put it.

This trend was first attempted by Thomas Edison when he tried to fabricate pieces like this for indoor design. Pre-fabricated houses made entirely of concrete from the walls to the chairs. Unfortunately at the time people were not feeling it as heating and cooling such a house was quite difficult. It ended in failure and become a forgotten antiquity for some time. Today the idea is being revived in a different way.

Choosing pieces like this can also create a striking contrast with your other wood or metal furniture. Varying the materials you use in your design can create an incredible unique setup. At the very least you will likely be the only person in the neighborhood who is using concrete outdoor patio furniture.

As we mentioned before the primary benefit of this is that the pieces are so durable. Animal attacks, scuffs and much more will not even put a dent in it. Short of someone destroying your piece with a sledgehammer there will be no way to destroy this particular brand of designer pieces.

Chairs are one popular item that is being made with this. They’re extremely sturdy and give great support for your back. Unfortunately you will need some very good cushions to go with them though do to the fact that there is very little give. Some people turn to memory foam in order to solve this problem which is in fact a great way to insulate your delicate posterior.

Concrete outdoor furniture is not without drawbacks of course. This furniture holds heat and cold well. It is heavy compared to many pieces and can be difficult to move if you have a large piece. It also has a certain aesthetic that not everyone will enjoy. Some may find it to be less than amazing when they look at it.

It can also be a significant investment. Such pieces are expensive because they are new and trendy on the market. When something becomes a trend it goes up on value. At the same time being a trend also makes it more impressive to people just by telling them that.

In the end you need to decide whether the good outweighs the bad with this trend. You may think it’s perfect to stand out in your neighborhood and area. Or you may think it is too much work to do for an unusually sturdy piece.



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