Choosing Umbrellas for your Outdoor Furniture Setup

Outdoor Patio UmbrellaAn umbrella is a very small part of any outdoor furniture setup but can be equally essential for homes and businesses. Today we want to discuss some tips for picking your stylish shelter whether it’s at home or for an establishment.

As with any other project the first thing to look at is the style. Make sure it does not clash with your pieces or even the décor of your business. This could mean anything from combining light colors with other light colors to matching it to some nearby art. The good news is that most umbrellas come in a wide variety of colors.

A unique concern with this type of decoration is durability. Unfortunately the huge amount of different suppliers of these means that there is a huge gap in quality from one outdoor patio umbrella to another. Buying from a designer set also does not insure durability.

When first shopping around be sure to check out reviews and ask the supplier what materials they are made of. They should at least be made of reinforced mesh if nothing else. Not checking on this can ruin your setup before it starts.

Support is also an issue. Some umbrellas use the traditional standing pole in the middle. Others have an overhang that holds it in place. The advantage of the overhang is that it’s easier to set it up in your layout because it does not have to be in the center. However when using either type make sure that the bars or other attachments holding it are made of extremely sturdy material.

However even in the best of times extreme weather can damage or overturn your setup. Make sure that if you have extreme weather you secure it or even stow it away until the situation passes. No one likes to go outside to find their setup stuck in a tree or gone completely.

In a worst-case scenario your pieces could even fly into the yard of a neighbor and damage their outdoor furniture. In such a case things could get really ugly between you and them. So it’s clear to see why you should be careful.

Next you need to test your shade for utility. If it doesn’t block enough sun then there isn’t much point in having it so be sure to test it out as much as you can. That is not always possible when first buying so be sure to ask neighbors and other people which ones they use.

When you finally find the perfect outdoor furniture umbrella for you then you should maintain it. This could mean anything from washing it here and there to repairing frayed fibers if you really love the design. Materials are once again very important in this as some can be hard to repair while others can last longer. It’s really up to you and how much effort you want to put into maintaining your outdoor living area. Make sure you pick the perfect one for your particular situation.


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