Cleaning your Outdoor Furniture

Clean Outdoor FurnitureCleaning your outdoor bar stools and other furniture is a vital part of maintaining any home. Unfortunately different pieces have very different solutions for each one. You can find the best, fastest and most thorough way to clean each one of your pieces.

Wood furniture is extremely popular all over the house. Depending on both what type of wood you have and the grain itself you may want to clean it differently. Softwood furniture costs you less and is easier to bend. Unfortunately this means it is also quite a bit less resilient than hardwood. Soft wood needs to be sealed and cleaned regularly with wood-safe solutions to keep the quality.

Hardwood outdoor bar stools and other furniture are much easier to care for. While you may want to get some sealants or other buffers it is quite resilient. You can even wash it off with a pressure washer or other stream of water as long as you make sure to dry it completely. Of course if you let it sit for too long then there can be some mold growth in some pieces.

What if the outdoor bar stools and other furniture are metal? This calls for special procedures as well.  You probably won’t need to brush the whole thing down with a toothbrush or other item. In fact that could actually scratch the paint on some models. You can however rinse it down with soapy water and rub it down briefly to get any dirt flecks off.

However if you have allowed out metal outdoor furniture to fall into disrepair you may have a much harder time. Paint may have chipped off while it was neglected and rust may have grown into those spots. You may have to treat the rust with a special cleaning solution.

There are many specially formulated solutions to remove the rust yourself. However surprisingly white vinegar, when left to soak, can remove it quite well. Another solution of borax and lemon juice can also prove quite handy in removing it. Your outdoor bar stools can begin looking quite new.

Never simply paint over rust as that can simple exacerbate the problem and cause very serious damage later on. It’s alright if some of the rust remover takes a bit of paint off as well. You will have to re-paint the piece anyway if you want it to look great. A little extra effort can make all the difference.

Stone requires a different touch. While more resilient your garden outdoor bar stools are more susceptible to plant growth than you might expect. Look for any cracks and see if any seeds or other foliage has grown into them. While cleaning it can be quite easy repairing the pieces can be a time-consuming chore. If you don’t have a trained specialist for it you can try to fill it in with caulk, with mixed results.

No matter what piece you have constant care is the best way to keep it looking vibrant all year long.



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