Aluminum Die Cast Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum Die Cast SeatingThe method of Die Casting furniture is a great way to greatly improve the life of any piece. Today we want to focus on a new type of item that is making waves: Aluminum Die Cast Furniture. This takes the resilience of aluminum and combines it with other materials to make tremendously durable outdoor bar stools.

So how is this made? There are two different ways to do it. One is sand casting. This is how much of the “cast” furniture that you find will be made. When someone uses sand casting they literally use sand as the mold for the parts. Sand can handle quite a bit of temperatures but still stay strong enough to give an excellent mold.

The mold is literally poured into the sand itself and fills some spaces inside. Then it is left to dry. This makes the mold itself extremely resilient and it can be formed to nearly any shape that you could possibly want.

The other method is traditional die casting. In this one they put it in a metal casing which does basically the same thing as sand casting. This process can be done in a shorter time frame and produces similar results but can be more expensive for the manufacturer making your outdoor bar stools. This process also has the advantage of using the same forms to pour the material into. As such if you need replacement parts you will probably be able to find them without much trouble.

Both methods give you the same high quality of outdoor furniture. Why is this? Because both of them force the material into a very concentrated and small area. This leaves less of a chance for spaces to form which can make your setup much less stable than before.

As you could probably gather this means that your pieces will be less susceptible to liquid leaking in them as well and will be able to resist damage better. With other molding procedures you can have problems with so this one avoids them.

How much can this extend the life of your outdoor bar stools and other equipment by? Usually by several years in many cases. Of course the biggest factor is how much stress you place your setup under but it’s never a bad thing to have your furniture be better-made.

Of course when buying this you have to take cost into consideration, hence why we chose to feature Aluminum Die Cast sets first. Aluminum is a very inexpensive construction material which is also highly durable and easy to craft with. So you may want to go with one of these as the price will likely be quite acceptable even for the increased quality.

Consider the quality and weigh it against the price in your own area. This type of furniture is not perfect for everyone but for the vast majority of people it is a great balance between the durability you need and price point that you want to pay for today.


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