Family Friendly Outdoor Bar Stools

Stools for the Whole FamilyToday we have an article for those with modestly sized or large families. These people have additional considerations when choosing outdoor bar stools. They have to fit right for both the parents and the kids so you have to consider a few more things.

It is always a good idea to measure your items when choosing furniture. However it is doubly important to do so here. You should measure your outdoor bar stools twice, once for the kids and once for everyone else. Buying two sets is not a terrible idea either if you have a choice.

You may also want to go to different stores or with different manufacturers. Many companies create pieces just for children as well. Many of these are plastic pieces though which are handy for children who have a habit of being rather rough with furniture.

As strange as it sounds you may want to get the input of your children when buying. While no one wants to drag a kid around to a furniture store it might be a good idea to bring them briefly. Let them sit in the outdoor bar stools that you are buying them for.

At the same time make sure that the child knows you are in charge. You do not need to buy a chair covered in stickers just because it’s fun for them. Especially if it will wreck the whole look of your entire outdoor furniture setup.

Once the kids are happy you may have to accommodate the other family members. If you have pets it needs to be able to withstand some scratches. If you have some older family members they may not like the modern style. While you can’t make everyone happy you do at least want to listen to them.

Keep in mind that your family may change and some members may literally grow over time. The outdoor bar stools perfect for a kid today may not be great for a teenager down the line.

No matter who you decide to buy for keep in mind that any member can break your furniture. Try to buy outdoor bar stools that can resist spills or even impacts. People of all ages can be especially clumsy when they are having a good time. It’s a terrible shame to ruin a new piece just because it was not resilient enough.

You may also want to get some extra pieces for each member of the family but only bring them out when they are using them. It’s unlikely that your five year old is going to be invited to your cocktail party. Or at least we hope not. So you may want to store that Cookie Monster stool until it’s time for cookies.

The final rule is just to keep everyone in mind but don’t drive yourself crazy. Many outdoor bar stools can be multipurpose for several members of the family. If you find those pieces then you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the new unit.


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