Choosing Cedar Outdoor Bar Stools

Cedar Stool One thing you always want to do when choosing your furniture is decide on a material. Today we want to go over how useful cedar outdoor bar stools can be. This highly affordable material comes in a huge number of different versions. Today we want to go over the varieties, drawbacks and uses of this versatile wood.

Cedar comes in dozens of variations throughout the world. However there are four base types of Cedar that they all come from. These are: Atlas Cedar, Cedar of Lebanon, Deodar Cedar and Cyprian Cedar. These have all interbred or been bred together to create new versions. As such there are different and interesting versions of this wood all over the world.

One really excellent reason to choose Cedar is that in many parts of the world it is quite inexpensive and easy to get it. You can easily find it at many stores for affordable prices.

The drawback of this wood is that it is not as resilient as some other types of wood. Cedar is often used in pencils so you can guess how durable a few versions are. Make sure to look for a strong variety for your outdoor bar stools. The good news is that the wood itself is often quite soft and resists decay fairly well. So as long as your pieces don’t suffer extreme impacts they should be fine.

What makes the wood so durable? Cedar, like many woods, has some natural oils that the tree creates. These act as natural preservatives for your outdoor bar stools. They are a mild pesticide so insects prefer to attack softer targets before these. It can even resist heat and moisture fairly well. This type of furniture stays fairly cool even when the outdoors is blazing. This incidentally makes cedar a great choice for outside restaurant furniture.

For those among us who have building skills it is also lightweight. This means that if you are making custom outdoor bar stools it is a great material to use. You can easily work the planks into just about any design that you want. The softness of the wood also makes it easier to nail and screw things into the wood. At the end of the day it can really save you some time.

Of course that is not to say that Cedar is not resilient. On average Cedar Outdoor Bar Stools can last around 15 to 20 years even outside. So why is this material not used constantly? Because it is a rather common type of wood. Many people doing expensive projects are tempted to use equally expensive varieties of wood.

Surprisingly several varieties of Cedar also have a fragrant smell to them. This has made the wood extremely popular for well, quite a bit of human civilization. Just about every area where it was native used it in one piece or another. The great smell is also quite welcoming and puts people at ease. You can bring this same great atmosphere to your next home project if you go with Cedar Bar Stools.




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