Cleaning your Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning your outdoor bar stools and other furniture is a vital part of maintaining any home. Unfortunately different pieces have very different solutions for each one. You can find the best, fastest and most thorough way to clean each one of your pieces. Wood furniture is extremely popular all over the house. Depending on both what type of wood you have and the grain itself … Continue reading Cleaning your Outdoor Furniture

The Mosaic Style for Outdoor Furniture

The mosaic style combines classic colors with new textures. Today we want to go over some types of this furniture and why you might want to consider them in your next project. So what is the Mosaic style? Basically it consists of small interlocking patches of shapes and colors arrayed through a table or even outdoor bar stools. They usually consist of two colors in … Continue reading The Mosaic Style for Outdoor Furniture

Avoiding Mistakes when Buying Outdoor Bar Stools

No one wants to buy something they later regret. The same is true when buying outdoor bar stools. There are quite a few different mistakes that you can make when doing this. So we want to give you some friendly advice on how not to buy something that you will later regret. Do not at any point be pulled in by slick advertising. Whether you … Continue reading Avoiding Mistakes when Buying Outdoor Bar Stools