Unusual Outdoor Bar Stools

Unusual Outdoor Bar StoolsSometimes when you are designing your outdoor area you can get bogged down by the common settings. Sometimes you need to see some outdoor bar stools out of the ordinary to job your mind. Today we will be going over those for you today.

The Bottle Stopper bar stool is a group of outdoor bar stools that is made of bark, cork and other biodegradable materials. It is lightweight and can be transported easily. The internal cork actually makes for a surprisingly comfortable sitting position. The material itself has a spongy feel to it that makes people feel comfortable. Everyone can strive for the same amount of comfort with their choices.

Some stools come with hangers on the side for putting a bag or other item on. Utility is something everyone looks for in outdoor bar stools. Try to find some with extra frills to impress friends and family.

Next up are outdoor bar stools with exotic metal shapes. Today materials can be molded into nearly any shape. Metals are no exception and there are even ones termed “liquid metal” which have multiple arches and crosses. In fact they often look like they have been poured into a form instead of shaped. While such unusual furniture can be hard to find it’s good to look out for it.

One extremely bizarre variant of outdoor barstools that is more often used inside, is the Giacomo Standing Seat. This particular style actually is not designed to properly sit on. Instead it supports your back lower back area to correct your posture. While not for everyone if you’re into physical fitness and good posture then you might want to keep one of these around as a showpiece.

Staff-supported outdoor bar stools are exactly what you would think they are. One of the legs itself is a staff which you can lean on for support. These are often made of durable wood and are quite handy for those who want a more rustic and unusual look for their home.

For those who really love to keep things unusual there are motorized outdoor bar stools. These literally have attachable wheels or have some pre-attached. They incorporate a motor and a way for you to sit somewhat comfortably while you drive. Of course such stools can be quite expensive. A variant of this is the motorized cooler which can both chill your drinks and support your butt.

A final variant we will go over is saddled bar stools. While not always the most comfortable they do certainly have a very unique style. They usually are either shaped after bicycle seats or horse saddles. While they certainly make a statement you may be saying a bit much to people you know if you go with one of these. However you want a reputation for eccentricity this is a way to cultivate your outdoor furniture.

We hope that these examples have gotten your creative juices flowing. Find your own unique and unusual outdoor bar stools that are right for you.

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