Lessons on Designer Outdoor Bar Stools from Espasso

Espasso Bar StoolsIn life you can always learn from the best. Espasso makes some of the best outdoor bar stools in the world and you can certainly learn something from them. There are many things to take from a showcase of some of their basic items and much more.

The first thing many people notice upon entering the site is the Taja line by Sergio Rodrigues. These outdoor bar stools and other items show two things you can do. First they combine the modern colors and with an antique design. While the pieces are made of traditional wood they have a finish that makes them look modern and exotic. Combining clashing styles can often yield very interesting results. In fact it is based on a 1978 classic reimagined for modern times.

The next thing you will notice is how strange and unique each piece looks. Each of the outdoor bar stools has a look that you will not find at Sears. At first this can be alarming but such a design does something for people and you can learn from it. When people are surprised or even shocked they take notice and examine whatever shocked them in-depth. Grabbing attention is the first step in making someone love a piece. If your own outdoor furniture does not do this then you are doomed to mediocrity.

The next lesson comes from location. They have or are opening show rooms in New York, Los Angeles and London. All of these have stylish outdoor bar stools and many other products for customers to peruse. There is certainly some overlap between them as you might expect.

At the same time though their show rooms are a bit different set up. Pieces are placed differently and some unique styles are showcased in each one. This shows us that when we are choosing outdoor bar stools we need to take into account local style. Whether you decide to go with the style of your country or your neighborhood you can’t go wrong if your pieces look like they fit together.

A designer name also does not hurt when you are choosing furniture. While some people only care about functionality others will be wowed by a name. In fact certain subsets of people will only be impressed if you can give them a designer name. While you may not always want to buy with that in mind it is something to consider if impressions are important to you.

They also make their money off of rarity. They have great sets in limited numbers for people and the scarcity of the pieces drives up the price. If you can find the same types of pieces for your settings you can have that same appeal in your own home.

When choosing your next outdoor bar stools or any other pieces keep this advice in mind. If a piece can meet all the requirements set forth here then you have found something really amazing and should buy it. Good luck with your search.

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