Buying Inexpensive Outdoor Bar Stools

Inexpensive Outdoor Bar StoolsWhile we often talk about the latest trends and unusual outdoor bar stools here sometimes you just need something inexpensive. For the person who wants that we have a guide for you.

If you want to go for the absolute least cost you can check out eBay, Craigslist and other deal sites. However quality can often be an issue with these sites. You will however get absolutely excellent prices. On Craigslist you may even find some decent pieces for free. People sometimes put these up when they are moving or have some other reason for needing to get rid of the furniture.

The next place to go for outdoor bar stools and other seating is the big box stores. Places like Wal-Mart, Sears and Wholesale places also often have absolutely excellent prices on pieces. The downside unfortunately is that they are often of poor quality. You can try one of these for a short-term solution but they really aren’t fitting for any long-term buys.

Thrift stores take some digging but you can find some excellent outdoor bar stools there. Many of them were donated by those moving in a hurry. They usually donated them for just the charity write-off so you can usually get them for a really great price. The only downside is the furniture will always be used. Be sure to inspect each piece as thoroughly as possible to make sure that it is not broken.

Part of staying economical when buying outdoor bar stools is not paying too much. Stay away from big names such as Rooms to Go and Ikea. They do have some great pieces but you pay for the name more than the quality. You can find comparable pieces for less other places. Even when they have a sale the costs can get quite extravagant.

In the same area you also need to avoid pushy salesmen. If you go to a store just to buy outdoor patio furniture and end up going out with them and a couch then you’ve just made a serious mistake. You want to try to buy only what you need.

Try not to buy anything on financing. When someone gets quite a bit of debt off of furniture it is usually for this reason. They bought more than they could handle and had to be put up on a payment plan. Payment plans can mean big interest for you and big payments.

For those with crafting tools and experience you can turn even broken furniture into material. Just buy a piece cheap from the store that is in bad condition. You can usually haggle into a reduced price if it has not already been reduced. Then salvage the wood and create outdoor bar stools which are both beautiful and inexpensive.

All of these ideas are quite handy but can lead to additional work for you. But anything worth saving money on is worth looking for. Good hunting and share your own ideas on thrifty furniture shopping with us soon.

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