Making your Own Outdoor Bar Stools

Hand Crafted Wood FurnitureSome of those who really enjoy woodworking or metalworking may wish to make their own outdoor bar stools. This can be a great way to have some serious fun and save some money at the same time.

Some woods such as Teak need special preparation though. The silica in the wood, as mentioned previously, can cause damage to your tools. You want to get tools of the highest quality. Of course these can also be quite expensive but are extremely useful and durable. You’ll have to decide what quality of wood you want to use in your outdoor bar stools.

If you are crafting it from base materials you will have to create some specialized measurements. You need a top area based on the height of your bar itself. For example if your bar is 40 inches high then you need outdoor bar stools legs between 28 and 31 inches to fit correctly at the bar. Be sure to measure everything first or you may end up wasting quite a lot of time and effort.

You then have to measure a 30 degree angle from the end of each leg so that it will properly support your outdoor bar stools on each side. If it ends up at the wrong angle you could end up with a lopsided support system that makes for a very uncomfortable sitting situation.

Then you want to create circles for the tops of any outdoor bar stools that you will be creating. Make sure that it is at least 6 inches from side to side. If the seat is too big or too small it can once again lead to a rough seat.

Sanding off the edges and cutting off side fragments is very important for your outdoor bar stools. Be sure to get any splinters off of them. Once this is done you can begin assembling your outdoor bar stools.

Measure angles from the stool top to the insides of the legs. Make sure you create some joints to attach them and set them all together before hammering or wood gluing any of them on. Once you think it looks good begin gluing them on while keeping the angles clean. Measure each one to make sure that there is no way there could be a mistake.

When you have everything ready then you should be able to set it all in and let it dry. Once it has dried you want to measure one last time and finally test your seat. If everything has gone well you will have some excellent hand-crafted outside lounge furniture to enjoy. If you have made a mistake you may need to get your tools out again and see if you can salvage things. If worse comes to worst you can always recycle it.

We hope this guide helps you make your very own outdoor bar stools that look great and give you some personal pride. Let us know and share some pictures with us if this guide helps.

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