Choosing Teak Outdoor Bar Stools

Teak Outdoor Bar StoolsWhen choosing outdoor bar stools you may want to go with Teak. There are quite a few reasons for this that you should consider. You may be surprised at some of the uses this versatile and durable material has found over the years.

For more than 150 years people have been creating boats from the Teak wood. It has a low shrinkage ratio and is highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew. It’s very durable and doesn’t require much maintenance. Why do we bring this up? Because these are all handy things to have with outdoor bar stools. You can get the same grade of wood there as with a boat.

However in some ways Teak has become a victim of its own success. Teak has become increasingly popular in much more uses than just outdoor bar stools. Entire bars and patios have been increasingly made from this useful material. As such some other woods such as Purpleheart and Angelique have seen some increased use.

India uses this same material to great effect. In a country where nothing should be taken for granted the durability of such a wood is greatly appreciated. Everything from buildings to furniture is made of this greatly useful material.

So what are the advantages of using Teak in your outdoor bar stools specifically? It has a beautiful grain to start with. The same qualities that make it useful in boats insure that your furniture does not get infected with biological contaminants. It also eventually turns to a silvery-grey finish when it has been around for some time. This means that you get an interesting and quite beautiful finish for free.

When building your outdoor bar stools manufacturers can easily bend and shape the frame to your liking. Even rotating pieces can be made by a skilled craftsman. This does little to damage the durability of the wood.

Teak is also an excellent choice for you if you want to make your own pieces. However if you are going to be making yourself you want to be careful when cutting. Only use the top grade tools. This wood often has silica somewhere in the grain that can cause damage to some edged tools. However this same reason adds to the overall durability for outside restaurant furniture and other projects.

A different sheen can be given to your outdoor bar stools by getting old-growth teak. Unfortunately such choice cuts of wood are becoming increasingly scarce so you could have a difficult time finding them. However if you do then you can expect an absolutely extravagant cut for your project.

Probably the best reason to consider this material is the fact that it is naturally highly water resistant. Unless your rains are somewhere in the area of the rainy season in London you won’t have to waterproof it. The wood naturally resists moisture to a great degree.

You should consider the various benefits and costs of Teak outdoor bar stools yourself. While expensive such material is also very useful. You get what you pay for.

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